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New Chapter. Moving To LA

So, it’s on.

I’ve been waiting for this for so long and the time has finally come. We’re moving to California. I should be beyond excited, but at the moment it’s all about trying to keep everything under control: organizing moving services, making sure our new home is ready for us, leaving unwanted things behind and packing everything we need. I love my Mustang, but it won’t be able to fit in even most of my photography equipment, let alone my backdrops and light modifiers. My husband’s car will be packed as well, and we’re also having Allied moving all our furniture and the rest of our stuff. Fun.

I haven’t had a chance to get to my on-going projects and blogs during my trip to Russia and Chicago, and I won’t be able to start catching up on things in the next couple of weeks. We will head down to Cali in a week and will be driving our cars for three days with overnight stops in Colorado and Arizona.

I am trying to stay focused, but I’m a little scatterbrained and anxious. I seriously can’t wait for the move to be over and to begin exploring LA, its studio situation and talent. I would like to promise to start writing more about my personal experiences here on my blog, and I am deliberately writing it now, so you guys hold me accountable!

I hope it will be a lot of fun and we will be able to learn a lot from my experiences along the way!

And before I sign off today, here is a couple of shots from my recent trip to Moscow 🙂

Katya  by julia kuzmenko

Katya  by julia kuzmenko

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