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How To “Read” Light In Photography on Fstoppers

How To “Read” Light In Photography – Part 2

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Check out my most recent articles on how to learn to breakdown lighting in other photographers’ work:

One of the first very important skills I acquired in my Australian Photography course was the ability to breakdown lighting and determine approximate camera settings in images taken by other photographers. If you understand how the direction of light and its degree of diffusion are controlled and how they affect images, it should be easy for you to train yourself to “read” lighting in the images you see in magazines, on billboards and in your favorite photographers’ portfolios.


How To “Read” Light In Photography – Part 1

How To “Read” Light In Photography – Part 2


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  • José Miguel Stelluti

    Cheers Julia!

    We translated into Spanish and published in our site your two articles “how to read the light in photographs” seem wonderful and we had to show them in these parts of Latin America. They put your Links for more information, Please if you have some time, come and see them and see if you think appropriate.


    Greetings of the team and thank you very much for sharing your talent and wisdom.

    • Dear José,
      It is wonderful that you took the time to translate it, however you have to mention the original source, which is the Fstoppers articles right at the beginning of your posts.

      • José Miguel Stelluti

        done!, usually usually place it at the end, but as you requested, we place the source at the beginning of the article. Good luck in your journey, and once again, thank you for your talent and share your wisdom.

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